Comic Grading

Our grading standards for raw, non-encapsulated books are based on standards set by the Overstreet Grading Guide. Grading is a subjective process and we provide no guarantees to customers submitting ungraded books purchased to a third party grading company. Even professional grading services like CGC, CBCS, and PGX acknowledge that the same book may not always receive the same grade if it is submitted for grading more than once. Since several factors can play towards the condition of the book during transit, when it's handled after it is received, and/or how it is handled by the person who is grading it, we stand only to the grade set on the book before it leaves our facility. 

Comics listed for sale on our site use the basic grading scale, or letter grade system, which uses a naming classification from Gem Mint (highest) to Fair & Poor (lowest).

Together on this table is the ten-point grading scale ranging from 10.0 (highest) down to 0.5 (lowest). We provide an easy way to translate what a third party grading system 'might' give your book if submitted, but we provide no guarantees. We also carry graded books for purchase which saves you both time and any issues you might expect from submitting books yourself.