How much does shipping cost?
It depends on the weight of the order. Shipping rates are as low as $3.99.

Do you ship internationally?
Please contact us for international orders. 

Do you buy comics?
We are currently buying key comics. Contact us to find out how.

Do you accept time payments?
Yes. We typically request a 30% non-refundable deposit. Once the deposit is received, you have 1-2 months to pay in full (depending on value of book). If unpaid in full by the end of the terms, any money less the deposit will be refunded back to you.

What does Near Mint (NM) quality mean?
We do not use numbers that attempt to specify a higher or lower grade. A Near Mint quality book can be subjected to different outcomes when submitted through a 3rd party grading system. Because of this, we do not make guarantees for what these outcomes may be. We keep our standards simple and leave the specifics for encasement industries to decide.