Video Game Printings


First prints

  • Pixelated ESRB rating on front of box. Both first and second prints carts have the same rating. Third print labels had non-pixelated ESRB ratings and read DMG-APAE USA-1 on the left of the label.
  • Sandshrew vs. Meowth on the back of box. Red version second prints and Blue version third prints had Pidgey vs. Rattata on the back cover.
  • Top and bottom of box have flap opens. The flaps say U/DMG-APAE USA. Second print boxes were closed off at the bottom.
  • Right side of box has “100% Total Recovered Fiber 55% Post Consumer Content” stamp. Second print boxes displayed  “83% Total Recovered Fiber 81% Post Consumer Content” stamp.
  • The interior of first print boxes had a cart holder. Second printing and later had the cardboard tray fixed insert.
  • The flap openings on Red were labeled DMG-APAE USA. Blue flaps labeled U/DMG-APEE USA. Third print tabs read DMG-APAE USA-1.

    Nintendo Switch
    • First print Nintendo issues are barcoded with 00000 on the back.
    • Later reversions can be seen with 00001, 00002, etc. for later editions.