What are Newsstand Variants?

Marvel comics dropped out of the newsstand distribution market over time until 2013. The closer the newsstand Marvel book was printed to 2013, the rarer that production print was for any particular book or first appearance. The barcodes on the covers help to differentiate a direct edition versus a newsstand edition. This copy of Amazing Spider-Man 700 shows one or more characteristics you would find on a newsstand modern book including but not limited to the word newsstand, the name of a title instead of "direct edition", and display until a certain date.

By comparison, you can see the table below depicting the percent of print runs for direct (comic book dealers) over newsstand (bookstores like Barnes & Noble).

 Year Newsstand Print Run Direct Print Run
1979 94% 6%
1982 80% 20%
1986 50% 50%
1987 30% 70%
1990 15% 85%
1995 10% 90%
2000 5% 95%
2005 2% 98%
2013 1% 99%